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Iconic Lister D engines provided that vital spark | Press and Journal

Lister A Type thought to be but not sure. Welcome to my auction Lister d from ,This engine was removed from a cellar and had been there for 40 years. I have replaced the rings and have made a new big end bush, The valves have been re s This is my Bamford EV1 stationary engine, which I have recently completed. Bamford EV1 restoration and running.

The engine is very heavy.

Iconic Lister D engines provided that vital spark

To assist in loading I have the trolley that you can see in th Lister 28d2h stationary engine ? This is a Lister type 28D 2 hp stationary engine on a wooden chassis with cast iron wheels. It has been in my fathers workshop for years.

Long history in farm engines

I'm not sure if he ever had it running. It was painted about Lister Desle engine was runing wen removed from mixer free reddy fit barn find. Stationary Engine Lister Junior Instruction tube.

Lister Petter Engine Illustrative Identification

Unless it has been changed it should have the cast iron crankshaft on fitted to a select few according to the lister d book. It also powers a saw-bench, which Damian uses to saw firewood to provide heating for the home that he shares with his partner, Rosie. The Lister CS is quiet and rhythmic when ticking over though of course the old saw-bench has that certain squeal typical of all saw-benches , but it really is no noisier to operate than a chain saw. The saw-bench was built by F. Reynolds of Southwark Street, London, England. Established in , Reynolds is famous for manufacturing circular and band saws; saw-benches; morticing, boring and tenoning machines; drilling machines; mortar-mixing mills and chaff and weighing machines.

Damian bought the Lister CS three years ago via a classified ad in a stationary engine magazine.

These engines were portable, compact, built to last, sold in vast numbers, and proved particularly popular with farmers. Whilst industrial engines were often scrapped when they were no longer required, farmers tended to hang onto things. There are plenty of surviving examples of Lister Model A engines today, which is good news for any budding stationary engine enthusiast. The first pre-production Lister A was demonstrated at shows in the U. Those familiar with the Novo engine built by Novo Engine Co.

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Another similar engine that readers might be familiar with is the London built by London Gas Power Co. It was built in August and, like many Lister As, was fitted to a Zwicky fuel tank, used to power a pump that enabled refuelling of bomber aircraft Zwicky Ltd. Most of these Ministry of Defense fuel tanks were fitted with Lister A engines. Eventually, the engine found itself sitting idle in a department for military surplus supplies. It was sold to a farmer in Suffolk, England. Later, the engine was sold to a farmer near Birmingham who used it to power a pump. By then, the Lister was rather worse for wear and was sent for scrap.

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  • Damian managed to source an old Honda generator to use with the engine, and has since used the set to power the house during a power outage. Damian uses his Land Rover as a towing vehicle to take his engines to shows and events throughout North Wales.

    Lister Stationary Engines

    I always think that exhibitors who use a collectible vehicle to haul their vintage displays are not only making good use of a historic machine, but they are also helping prevent the car parking areas at these events from becoming clogged, since the collectible workhorse used to tow an exhibit to the show can then itself be exhibited. It started life as a inch Series 1 Land Rover, but Damian has modified it. The leaf springs have been replaced with coil springs and underneath the hood is a Land Rover Discovery engine.

    Damian regularly competes with his Land Rover in trials, and has won the North Wales Land Rover Club trials twice in recent years, as well as the championships. This allows the exhaust valve to close, creating compression and causing the engine to fire. Josephine Roberts lives on an old-fashioned smallholding in Snowdonia, North Wales, and has a passion for all things vintage. Email her at pheenie talktalk. Farm Collector is a monthly magazine focusing on antique tractors and all kinds of antique farm equipment.

    If it's old and from the farm, we're interested in it! Photo by Josephine Roberts. These old engines are beautifully finished off with ornate lettering and brass plates, all indicators of quality. The first Lister A was built in , but Damien's engine is thought to date to Damien stops the engine to fit the belt for the saw-bench. It's easy to trap a finger whilst fitting the belt.