Dating a girl with different political views

A House Divided: Marriage Across Political Party Lines - TIME

The first step to being a better listener? Put away all distractions and look at your partner. And wait to speak until your partner is completely finished with their thought.

When you employ good listening tactics, your partner will likely do the same for you. Learning a new hobby with your partner is a great, non-political way to bond. If politics are an aspect of your life you really care about, be sure to bring up the topic early on in the relationship. Trying to change someone for who they are usually never works in your favor.

Micah Leydorf is a former congressional staffer and a conservative married to a liberal.

I Asked People 'Would You Date Someone With Different Political Views Than You?'

When the divide between her and her husband seems great, she reminds herself that they ultimately share a common belief system. You have to focus more on living out your core beliefs every day instead of just talking about them. In these hyper-partisan days, most of us consume a media diet that feeds into our preconceived beliefs and biases.

Arnold added that being being married to your political opposite compels you to look at your beliefs and sometimes, even question them. My marriage has made me look at things through more than one lens and I feel lucky for that opportunity. The HuffPost Lifestyle newsletter will make you happier and healthier, one email at a time.

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If something is non-negotiable, make that evident before you get too deep into the relationship. We both value the rights and lives of all individuals.

People Say If They'd Date Someone With Different Political Views Than Them

Because if you want to make this work, which it totally can, your relationship, feelings, and commonality have to run deeper than surface level of individual beliefs. She lives in Brooklyn, NY. You can find her on Twitter at chaneldubofsky.