Dating miss independent

Let her eat cake when she wants to eat cake, let her diet when she wants to diet. She is the type of woman that will appreciate the cute things like the flowers and the 'morning beautiful' 's BUT you don't need to tell her she doesn't need to be on a diet and all that bollocks.

I hate to say it, but she is definitely only doing it for her, and she is only wearing make up for her. She loves you, but she loves herself a tiny bit more. Reassurance - so as independant as they are, occasionally they want to have their cake and eat it too. Sometimes they need a little enrichment and assurance. Not about them and their life though, they wanna sort that themselves; but they have been scarred in the past. But in the same way, she has these qualities too, and for that, she doesn't want you to forget about these.

She needs you to know that like you, she has what it takes. She loves that you think of her in some respects as a trophy you are proud to have on your arm Alone time - occasionally she will just need a night of not being with you. Some days you love your independence and other days you loathe it, I know.

As a single woman you get very used to doing things on your own like exercise, traveling or fixing stuff around the house.

20 Things You Should Know About Dating An Independent Girl

You become more and more self-sufficient despite your desire to have a man in your life. It can sometimes be difficult because as you are spending time alone, you spend a significant amount of time thinking about wanting a boyfriend. You may even do up a vision board about him, dream about him and wonder endlessly where he is.

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And then he appears…… and you have a date with him. Here enters the problem. You wonder why he never calls again. This is one of the topics I cover in my workshops.

6 Vital Things You Need To Know Before Dating Miss Independant

Men need to feel needed! Where does he fit in your life if you come off as fiercely independent? One thing I will share is what I learned from an interesting gay, Canadian couple that I met at a Roulette table just kidding about the gay part! However I did meet two men who left quite an impression on me.

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We started chatting and, as usual, I started talking about my blog and my wonderful readers. I also discussed how, despite being lonely and longing to be taken care of, I realize that I am still young and learning and that all I really want is someone there to learn with me and thus, take away the loneliness. Its this genuine concern for the well-being of others that I find difficult to uncover in LA.

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Maybe Canada is the place to be? Basically, I love going new places and talking with people because there is so much to discover.

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I am always amazed by the response I get when I am open yet confident. By making others comfortable in expressing their thoughts, I learn so much about the goodness in people across the globe and am enlightened by the different ways people think and express themselves.

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I wonder if I would be as eager to chat with strangers if I was not single. So for now, I will embrace my single life, live for what makes me happy, work at having a magnetic personality, and keep learning from everyone around me. Thank you to everyone that keeps me on my toes and gives my life flavor.

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