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I am about to file a police report as soon as I get out of work.

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Hi janice- Anything to add to this post? Did you get the check? I have a painting reposted for sale. They said send my name and address so they mail me a check. They said after the check clears, we would meet up. T I asked if they live in Virginia, they said yes with a south carolina area code I said OK, but gave my post office box. So I wrote back Forget mailing the check. No answer yet…go figure! Yeah — definite scam. So many texts in a day made me suspicious! I received the check the other day Wells Fargo and my bank did not deposit it because there were so many red flags to it.

The name for the phone number did not match with the name on the Mailing addresss and name. Also the name on the check was totally different. Then, I decided to cancel the whole process and texted back to the buyer that my bank refused to deposit the check and I decided not to sell the item. And I did not get a response. I also get constant emails about sending a check and waiting for it to clear to have movers. This happened on a van a dog and shocking collars that I had.

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The guy claimed to be deaf and could not talk. Told him after a couple emails that we were not interested in completing the transaction with him.

Next email said he was sending a check for the item by UPS and provided a tracking number. None of the addresses provided added up. I contacted my bank and they called the bank the check was drawn on and the account did not exist. Suggest if anyone falls victim to this type of SCAM, your bank can contact the bank it was drawn on to see if the funds are available. I am glad that I did this prior with proceeding. Saved a bunch of heartache. So I contacted him to look at the house. He told me that I could, but not the inside since he lives in SC.

Then he said that once I sign the papers and pay him details not given on how that he would mail me the keys. I went to the house and the neighbor told me it was for sale not rent. Im selling Bunk beds. Gary Jackson obviously fake emails me and says he is out of state and will be sending cashiers check. Once it clears he will then send movers to come pick it up.

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I get this same type of scam email with everything i sell on Craigslist. I always delete, but i am left wondering what exactly these people are trying to do…. Almost all have asked for cell as well. So what is the scam? Are there people out there that actually let people take their items without being paid? Thank you for posting about this. We have just had the same experience and as a result of reading about this scam on this site, we aborted the transaction. However, this scammer does have our address and cell phone number. What can they do with this info?

I think I just got scammed too texted me from northetn Calif I live in So Calif asked for my full name and mailing address and would send me money order plus I gave my info but then about 30 mins later changed my mind after reading about all this scamming stuff and told him sorry but no cash only and will hold item until Sunday without the extra money.

Have not heard back. And feel weird now that I gave out my info too. The check came, cleared my bank, THEN 2 months later, the bank notified me that the check was a fraud and put my account negative. CL is for people seeking a bargain….. It can take up to several months for these phony checks to come back as fraud, just because it clears does not mean it is good!

Take heed, you have been warned! I have had nany parties offer to send checks for more than I am asking. They say to give them my info address, phone number, etc and ask that I send the items aa soon as the check arrives. I always give these jokers the address for the FBI in Washington. Never hear back from them for some reason. Uh, who buys used tires sight unseen? Came to this site because I was curious how the scam worked if the check clears. Now I know — check might clear but takes longer to be found counterfeit or fraudulent.

Thanks to those who set this site up and posted! Love that suggestion of giving scammers the FBI address! We recently responded to an ad on Craigslist. They were selling an ATV, locally, our area. Contacted the phone number listed on ads posted below the original ad.

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The name is Connie Larkins. Come to find out, the ATV is nowhere near the state of New Mexico and I would have to give all of my personal information and they would contact me. Free shipping at their expense. Have tried reporting this to no avail. Beware, sad story given about recent divorce, clean title, etc. Thank you so much for this warning. My situation is exactly this this thus far and I am supposed to receive ck in advance for wk not even done.

All the red flags and if course my own gut saying too good to be true. So forgive myself for getting in this deep. So my question is right now. I am selling stuff on CL and within 15 minutes of posting it, I got a text from a guy in Washington, I live in Missouri. I had the item posted for local people.

He sent me a check by USPS priority. The return address was from Seattle and the check was supposedly from a company around Dallas. I am going to call the accounting department of the company that supposedly made out the check and see what happens. Also may go to their bank and see what happens. I will probably wind up tearing the check up. They bounce a couple months down the road. Really, this page is just proof that you people need to use common sense. They play off the absolute stupidity of people. Post an item on CL.

Its my first time to sell something. Been buying stuff locally and meet the person, pay cash. The next day i posted it, got several text messages stating they are interested and one guy said he will give it to his daughter who is in Texas as a gift im in chicago. So i told my husband right away that i have a potential buyer. So i asked him his location, probably could set a meet up instead.

He just replied me that he is sending it to Texas. I felt something is not right here, followed my instinct and did my research.

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His area code is in California. I have other people inquiring about it too and instructed them the same. For this item has sentimental value and i would like to meet the next person who i will pass it on: Good thing i followed my instinct! It is a great place to sell your items or even your services. But common sense is a must and when selling keep it simple cash only!

And never ever hand goods over until cash payment is in hand and verified not counterfeit. I have one fishing for me. Little do they know I have turned the tables. I string them along. Thank you so much for this post. This person claimed to want to buy my bike and pay for shipping. Its the same certified check offer that will be overnighted via USPS. I knew right away this was a scam. Its sad that these people have nothing better to do than to go around trying to steal money instead of getting a real job.

I get a lot of people who answer my ads for items for sale with local info like next town over ans even in your own town info claiming that they are interested in your item. One way that I separate these clowns from the real deal is to ask for their phone number so that I can call them with location and dicker the price.

I never give out my address or phone number until they do. Is this a scam.? Filled out short general application. Said I was interested. Received text saying congrats. Will be available in 24 hrs. Shame, I really needed that money. Concession Trailer scams are big all over the country. Price is usually in the range but they file exceptions. Look for the same photos in all ads. The scammers are there but the trailer does not exist. Typical story of a military transfer, divorce, moving, etc. If they have a phone nuber to text only, it is a scam.

They will post very up kept vehicles like Volkswagen Jetta with great mileage and a whole bunch of awesome addons and the price will be like Yea I was scammed yesterday this person was faking to be the owner of the property of a home In napa. Blah blah got me good I belived them lost all my money I should of know it was to good to be true.

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My first time trying to looks for apartments or a home to live in of my own and this happens. Okay thanks so much,I got the Name and Address i will mail out the check on Wednesday and please note that i will be including the mover payment in the check so as soon the check is delivered to you, kindly take it to your bank and deposit it, once your bank clears the check and you have the money, you deduct the money for your item sold and send the rest of the money to the mover so once they got their payment they will contact you to arrange for pick up time of the item.

This is something that has got sent to me after a couple of texts here and there. Thanks to all who shared their experiences on this forum, it was very helpful for me in preventing my mom from being scammed and I feel bound to share her experience so I can help someone else who might find themselves in the same predicament. My mom is a qualified Caregiver by profession. Unfortunately the lady she had been caring for passed away a few months ago at the tender age of 94, this after my mom had taken care of her for ten years. My mom was heartbroken, not because of the loss of a job but because she lost someone whom she had grown emotionally attached to.

My mom emailed the so called employer expressing her desire to work for her. The person replied and introduced herself as Tania Wright and that she was looking for someone to take care of her 56 year old sister Megan who was diabetic and needed care, medication, and hospital visits, but was self-sufficient overall.

My mom immediately smelt a rat and being the pragmatic person she is, she brought the check to me and asked for my thoughts on this ordeal. Any advice on what we should do next? How can you report a Craigslist scam without the post ID? I came very close to being scammed.

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Luckily I figured it out before the guy was able to pick up the money, and was able to call money gram and stop the transaction. I received a text from the interested buyer , who lived out of town. He offered me more money to hold it for him until I received his payment. He would be sending me a cashiers check that day and I should receive it in a couple of days. I was annoyed that I had told others that inquired, that it had in fact been sold. I though how could this guy not know that when a cashiers check is issued it comes straight out of your account right then , its not like a personal check.

He kept saying well there was no reason it should take this long. It took a week and a half but I finally received the check. The check cleared with my bank and the funds were in my account. So I let him know he could start the process with the shipping company. He replied that he had contacted the moving co. They said that the funds would have to be wired to them before they would even send the truck out to pick this up. I said okay and he sent me the name and info to send it. This is where it get way weird the name is Okima thurman in indiana , I live in california , why would the shipping company be a persons name and this far from where I live , I told my husband about this and he said somethings is not right he tried to make sense of this and even called the bank and confirmed the check had cleared.

I went to the bank got the cash and then to a money gram location and sent the money. I called him, he told me he googled craigs list scams and saw all the people that have been scammed the same way with the exact same story. I told him I sent it an hour ago, and even took a photo of the receipt,with the reference number and sent it to my buyer. About 2 weeks later I got a call from my bank informing me that i had deposited a cashiers check that was fake and no good. I do have this guys name I have made a police report of this , I googled his name and it is a couple man and woman that have a criminal record so long they have been in prison for bank robbery , hit and run , you name it they have done it.

I will never be so dumb again! I emailed the seller and asked some questions and was happy with the response. The next day I texted the seller and she said she would deliver the swing and I thought that was great. Now she is texting me none stop … Um?

I have had some success with CL but am finding more and more scams as time goes on. Another tell tale for me is when a poster uses a town near me and there is no location map. You gotta be careful, bad people out there looking for your hard earned. I have received two different texts from buyers from and area codes — both California for a set of dining room furniture. This does not sound right to me. Yeah, same situation, selling a washer and dryer. Text from California and Florida saying they will pay with cashiers check and when it clears they will have the movers pick them up.

Should I not buy? I also asked for a receipt seller said to tear up the receipt after we have deed in hand. No questions about the quality of the lot the photos even were not very clear. Such a big red flag:. I am very funny, sarcastic, and loveable i guess? I love music like country and rap 7 rock. I'm a funny down-to-earth kind of guy that likes to hang out and do the gaming thing for fun Its the one and only magnificent Wynton. I'm a outgoing dude that loves hangin and meeting new people.

When you get to know me I can be a cool, mellow dude at times and I'm crunk all day. I never am in a bad mood. Well my name is Jago I'm a pretty nice guy I can say. I am usually quiet and shy. I am currently attending college. I'm an easy person to get along with. Hi the name is Nicholas, but people call me nik I am a friendly person, but I'm not that talkative. I enjoy the rave scene, gloving, shuffling, and all the other joyful things that come with it.

I'm an awesome person im out going and able to hold a decent conversation but on the other hand I like to just listen someone once told me you have two ears and one mouth meaning you should listen twice as much as you speak, that always stuck with me Forget about classifieds ads, enjoy either w4m or m4w dating on DoULike and seek your local singles easily. Just in few clicks get an access to thousands of personals over Dallas and find the one who can keep you company.

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