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ESC Congress will provide science and education across the entire spectrum of cardiology; as with any ESC Congress, it will serve as a single all-encompassing source for the latest and most vital information. For example, four revised ESC Guidelines are due to be presented: For those who want to submit an abstract for the Congress, the deadline is 14 February For information about submission, and ensure your abstract meets the required standards, visit: Munich, according to Prof.

Travelling to and from the congress venue is extremely easy and comfortable.

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It became the capital of the Duchy of Bavaria in , after which it became the centre of the German counter-reformation and renaissance arts during the rest of the 16th century. Munich is a city that is full of culture and history.

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  • Valvular heart disease to be Spotlight of ESC Congress 2018.
  • Achieving Excellence.

It became the capital of the Duchy of Bavaria in , after which it became the centre of the German counter reformation and Renaissance arts during the rest of the 16th century. Plus 3 tickets for the raffle! This means you'll get exclusive work-in-progress photos, tutorials, details about the tools I use and explanations about my process. Some tutorials I will later make available to the public - but since you help bring them about, you get them months earlier.

And the upper rewards are again included: Early access to all content, and the Patreon exclusive ink-studies.

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I'll personally send you printed Postcards of the monthly or bi-weekly studies - and you get 10 Raffle tickets to win the originals! And gain access to exclusive high resolution images. I'll print each of finished ink studies on postcards and send to your address at the end of the month once I have enough support that will be two drawings per month. You're also entering the raffle to win the original just as the earlier tiers - but with 10 tickets, for the price of 8.

Even if you're not the winner this month: Of course, all lower perks like the tutorials, the sketches, and the early access are part of the reward. I will give feedback to your art or portfolio.

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Send me your art, and I can either write you a detailed opinion about how to improve - or have a ca. This can be specific about a piece. It can be about your general development - or about a portfolio you want to use. Superman is quitting the Daily Planet, disgusted by its increasing sensationalism.

On a spirited adventure to make naturally soulful, distinctive, and original wine.

He will set up shop as a lone blogger, crusading for truth, justice and online advertising. When Clark Kent started out in , being a reporter was the perfect cover, since there was no other way to find out about criminal deeds in time.

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