10 signs youre dating a crazy girl

The Ex Factor If she or he does the unthinkable: Your ex is your ex for a reason.

10 Signs You’re Dating A ‘Crazy’ Girlfriend

Stay away from that trouble and anyone who invites it into your present. I love you Women or men who declare their love for you with those three magic words in a very short amount of time are one beer short of a six pack, obviously manipulative, and just plan dependent. Narcissus Remember the vain Greek who loved his reflection so much he fell into a pond? Be forewarned if your new squeeze is obsessed with her appearance.

Everything that glitters is not gold. And anything that glitters all of the time is an insecure, hot mess in need of medication. So when does it go from manageable to scary?

Even if this happens once, end it. Female Friends This is simple and finite.

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Sex They tend to say the crazy ones are the best in the bed. A deranged girl may say something along the lines of: Why are you lasting so long? Are you getting it somewhere else?

Is She ♠Crazy♠? (Top 7 Signs That You're Dating A Crazy Woman)

Let me smell your dick. And it is for a simple reason that she thinks everyone is jealous of her. There are only two kinds of people for her: Once she has her mind fixed on somethiing, she would never change it, even if you try to inject some sense into her. No matter how illogical her thoughts are, she would cling on to them.

5 Signs You’re Dating a Crazy Chick

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