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We were better in an hour, but without fluid replacement, we would have suffered all day. Ko Phi Phi does have some positives because we stayed for a week. Part of the lengthy stay in comparison to our stays at other Thai islands was because we were waiting on friends to meet us.

If you go into this with realistic expectations, you can enjoy yourself; party all night, sleep all day. The timing on this post is absolutely perfect for me. Particularly number 5 as I was actually planning skipping Maya Bay for that precise reason. Great and humorous list! These points will definitely come in handy one day: Wow, sort of impressed so many bad things managed to happen to you there! I visited Koh Phi Phi over a decade ago and at the time it was quite touristy; it would probably be even more of an eye opener now.

Yes I love Maya Bay too! Sometimes the touts can be helpful: Bantayan has beaches and caves and is really something special. Skip Manila for your own sanity. Great write-up of Phi Phi. I now must go to its Thai counterpart: Rachel, where did you put up in Phi Phi? Tips on where to stay budget accommodation would be great!

I would recommend Long Beach. They have tree houses! The hotels are pretty pricey. Hey, thanks for the post! It really all comes down to what you really want from your travel: I hope you still enjoyed Ko Phi Phi.

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I went to Phuket not too long ago and it could of turned out better. Your right about the tourists, their everywhere!! I enjoyed ko phi phi for the most part. The more secluded islands are definitely better though! My friend was the same at the same time. Thank you in advance! Staying for a total of three nights leaving tomorrow and that was enough for me. Maya Bay was the highlight of my trip, although I was soaked by the rain and waves during the entire tour. I do think Phi Phi is a bit overrated and overdeveloped.

Not the relaxing beachy atmosphere you would expect. Yeah travel in rainy season can totally change a place.

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Thanks for sharing your perspective and enjoy your time there! I had no idea you were a nurse too! Definitely worth pursuing other avenues though! Thanks for all the useful info.

A solo female traveller's Couchsurfing adventures in Europe, Travel News - AsiaOne

Heading there myself soon but staying at the zeavola so should hopefully avoid the crowds. Can you tell me what time the long tails stop running? I went back in , returned in Most beautiful place on earth. Went back in I can only imagine now and it was oil slicks, touts, and thousands of young tourists there just to party. I would never go back. Because honestly, the rest has been ruined. Yes, Long Beach was really nice. I was there in It was clean but crowded. I did not have any of the awful experiences that you described. His last wish is that wish I could be marry again and he.

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College student who just wants to be financially stable and can travel. I am very joyful and optimistic girl.

A solo female traveller's Couchsurfing adventures in Europe

I always believe in something good! I am very honest and I do not like people who lie. I am a faithful lady.

Sometimes I can be impatient. Fort Valley, United States. I love to talk, shop, and sing. Couchsurfing how it works. Just imagine a girl with a smile - such a positive person I am. Very easy going and communicative girl. Have a desire to create my own life. Want to be happy and make you happy. I dream about nice home with a big happy inside, with love where you want to come back every day. I'm a fun-loving, free-spirited, thrill-seeking kind of girl. Love good conversation and good times. San Diego, United States. Im outgoing, happy, honest i love the beach and explore new places.

Are fun and outgoing, never a dull moment. Im on here to find a Travel Buddy! Im a laid back person who wants to see the world. We only get one life. I have been traveling on my own for years but I'm hoping to find a Travel buddy because I feel like happiness and discovering new things is better when its shared. I'm all about good. I am an open honest person who loves to listen and learn but also has a lot to offer to a companion.

I am always ready to explore and have a naturally inquisitive nature. I am kind and compassionate and genuinely enjoy meeting new people who I can be become a better person from meeting.

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I am a young woman and I am prepared to find a man with who I can share my world. I enjoy helping people, homeless or poor, and people always say that I am a good listener and very supportive. I have lot of love to give and I always wanted loving family. I am calm, well-balanced, easy-going girl. Sometimes I can be stubborn and childish, but I think its much better than to be gloomy. I am cheerful and spontaneous, friendly and optimistic! Sometimes I am naive and always quick to sympathize.

Is couchsurfing for hookups. Call me bold or ignorant, but thinking it might just be me being at the end of my luck in Nice, I couchsurfed yet again with a solo male artist residing in Cannes, France. It was the longest night I ever experienced, with my host constantly expressing that he had designs on me.

I looked like I was having a good time making dinner with him but inside, I was feeling all jittery. On hindsight, surfing with solo male hosts was probably not the wisest choice. Or maybe I was just down on my luck. Then again, I count my blessings for nothing untoward happened to me. What did I do when I was stuck in such a situation? I maintained my distance, and clearly communicated to them my stance towards Couchsurfing.


I knew my boundaries, and I drew them well. Should I have known better? Maybe, but I would never know until I gave it a shot, and because I still believe in the decency of humanity. There are still hosts out there that host on Couchsurfing for this one shallow purpose, but that shouldn't preclude the thousand others who are sincere about learning other cultures through Couchsurfing, as I have personally experienced.