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But I don't think MCT's going to do it, it may make her worse? You are not the Marine Corps, Hernandez, the Marine Corps is comprised of hundreds and thousands, millions of Marines past, present, and in the future. Do you understand that,,, the big picture Hernandez? You are now and forever part of the United States Marine Corps and the title is heavy, but you earned it and it can never be taken from you. But you have to honor it, and what responsibilities having it now entails. You're not a kid anymore, grow up. Trust me Hernandez, there isn't a Marine in your brother's unit that's getting ready to ship out that would appreciate some boot PFC in the rear referring to him, online, as a crackhead grunt.

You have not earned that right, if there's a right to be that cocky or make that comment, or be so damn confident in your right because you know someone? You're going to represent your brother and other 03's because you know someone? It isn't funny, maybe alone, with the girlfriends in your basement, after some knucklehead Marine does something stupid. Maybe then it is okay, but I don't really think many other female Marines use that terminology or whatever but if you and your girls do it, who's to know.

And finally football's on come-on already you think the intent of what you said wasn't how it was taken, so why the big deal? The comment isn't appropriate, plain and simple, especially with family members in, or getting ready to be in harms way. I wish your brother the best, tell him I said Semper Fi and thank you. Clean up your act. They get their basic training in a Marine atmosphere, at a Marine Post. They inherit the traditions of the Marines. Yes I do need to clean up my act Sgt I do still have some things to work on but I am working on them because I know that the Marine corps doesnt accept nastiness and I wont make it in the fleet with an attitude I just want to say before I leave that I respect all the Marines on this site and that I am going to change either the easy way or the hard way.

Clean up your actQuite Profound. Some of our sharp tongued brats in need of tuning are like 50 year old cartidges in barn sale shotguns. So I can't say the the " going to my head attention thing works on me" Just remember that everyone is different, no one is the same and never judge a book by it's cover. Unfortunately some females give the rest of us a bad name but avoid stereotypes. I could easily stereotype males Marines but i don't.

That girl sounds trashy talking like that and you are an NCO, a leader of Marines so be just that and don't let someone like that ruin your career. There are Male Marines out there that are just the same. They think they are untouchable and God's gift to women because they are now a Marine and when they come across a female Marine the tough guy attitude can't really work so well.

My advice is to stay away from stereotypes and if the shoe fits let them wear it. But don't judge people before you get to know them. Tell this female that her actions are typical and unattractive and to get some self respect. Marine or no Marine don't like females who are easy. Marine or no Marine. DAMN Bamagirl - could you have dug any deeper in the anals of this forum for something to make your first post about?

And how about completely filling out your profile? Preferably with a picture in your Hooter's uniform! Yes that is a must, since you didnt fill out your profile. Is this like the "lets bump old Achped threads about how he was an idiot LCpl" month? If it is, can we please bump more of them that contain possible hooters girl pics? I see You Marines have this thread under control;: A Hooter's girl that can drop you dead at meters?

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Be careful what you ask for lads! Is that before or after she picks up the rifle? So, pardon if I reserve judgment till I see proof of said dropping power Till then, I'm cracking a cold one and sitting this one out. I was actually trying to find the new PT uniform and I came across this. I hate the bad rep females get. I'm overseas so it's worse here than in the states and there was an inncodent this past weekend with a new PFC.

I hate the bad rep. I didn't join to get stereotyped, I joined to make my family proud and better myself.

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I had no idea what I was getting into. Not only are we looked at as easy but also as weak. Bamagirl, I know exactly what you are talking about and it angers me alot.

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The rumor mill and 'perception is reality' gets magnified times over being out here. Yeah, unfortunately it the "Birds eye view" you have to think like that. People love to talk about you so can never get in a situation to get talked about or misinturputed. But guys can do whatever they want.

It's a sad truth. But on that note I have met more WM's that give a bad rep more than a good one, also on a couple occasions the ones that speak about hating those "bad" WM's do the same stuff they complain about. You know, out of 12 years so far in this gun club You know, guys don't pass that buck around. And he doesn't get the luxury of complaining how "other" people are just reflecting on him.

Professionally, if I can't do my job I get sacked on my own merits or demerits. I don't get to throw excuses around about how I'm held back, or people just don't like me, or they might talk about me, and any reason other than "It's my fault, I'll fix it. That's not what the Marine Corps is about. If that "other girl" is truly dragging you down Stand on the side and complain? And if you think we'd be nicer to a guy who came in here bawling for a pity party like this And here's another thought You know where I heard about what most of the girls in my unit were doing?

From other females in the unit. It wasn't the guys talking about it. Nope, it was the gossiping females who needed some high-school fodder to yammer about. The guys could care less and didn't take sides or an opinion until it had been thoroughly digest by all the other chatty cathy's. Anyway, enough of my frustration. I wouldn't chance it. Like plenty other people have said She is young and getting more attention over the last couple of months than she probably has her whole life. I have seen way to many Marines throw away their careers with young WM's who were drunk at the time.

When they sobered up and realized what they did Nothing against WM's because I am married to one. If you don't want to be stereotyped then why in world did you just HAVE to tell everyone that you were a Hooters girl?


Sounds like an attention grabbing headline to me. I'm so hot I was a Hooters girl" and then you want to chastise men for talking about WM's they way they do, and you say you joined to make your family proud but it seems that being a Hooters girl is what you are most proud of. Of course this is probably not the case, but the perception it brings Not all WM are this way thats just a stareotype. Some of these young female marines never been away from home for this long so they take advantage of the situation and do things that give us those bad stareotypes that dont apply to all of us.

Most of us were born with morals and some of us were'nt or just choose not to use them. As for me i stand up for us.. WM and do what I can to keep us a good reputation. Too bad these stupid immature PFC's dont get the picture. Dump the victim mentality. It is a shame that the stereotype of WM's does come from a few and not all. So it's not just those "stupid immature PFC's" as you put it. O yes so true Staff Sergant Hi of despersing i was only a Lcpl at the time Awww yes the memories.

Ain't no shame in my game ; Lt's right girls - why would you join in on that meeting at the fence trash? I did what I wanted, when I wanted, and with whom I wanted. I was free, white and over 21 so I was always one to hang out with a few girls that were like me. We even made a pact in Iwakuni as to which one of would get more before we rotated When something happened in Iwakuni made it back to CA with my name attached to it, I lied and told all of them that if it wasn't on film - they didn't have squat with my face in it.

It ain't so if it ain't on tape. As anybody can plainly see I sure as hell didn't earn any rank by fking anybody that mattered. I was in a candy store on my time off! STILL don't at the ripe young age of I do have a lot of bones in the closets around here. If you don't want to be noticed - don't make yourself noticeable.

I wish I had a dime for every time I heard them 2 little words marry me. Nothing ever made it on tape - nobody ever saw anything but God and he knows I ain't no saint but, he understands and he'll let me in when the time comes. If you're good, she'll settle herself down, if not you too can be a knotch on the belt. Not cut tires D - I want'em to be able to get away.

One warranted a baseball bat once. I'm finding that the older I get, the less it bothers me though. Yeah, bats work well also. I came up with new stuff for each one. You know to fit their personaility. Good Times, Good Times: I do that too except with their pictures. Each picture I have there is a small animal beside them - each animal reminds of the man's personality.

Maybe she was thinking BAM? The sun shines out your butt, is that romantic enough? Better than "get in the truck b! I never was even bothered about being called a BAM either - my ass is broader than a man's, so what? When ya go messing around any WM, especially the ones of lower rank than you, remember the old saying from the Greek General Usalllills: Knew several WM's while I was in, never dated one, always ran around together but were more like sisters, loved them dearly, but was not in love with them.

Does that make any sence LOL semper Fi. When I went throught, most Male Marines were afraid of the Women. Some said their drill instructors told them to stay away from us. I spent alot of time with Infantry units both in the Reserves and on Active Duty. I was always looked at like I was some freak show act. I recall working as Admin Chief at the Advanced Infantry Training Company East , and having the new student spending the first week just staring at me. I had to the admin brief on the first day. The first 2 classes I had to call more than half the class into my office to correct information, wasting my damn time.

I thought is was silly because these were Marines that had been in for years. Then I was told by my CO that many of them had never even seen a Woman Marine let alone talk to or have them give a class. Long story short, by the time I left there, at the end of course evaluations I was getting comments on my professionalism and how I helped Marines.

I had Marines that were told by others that if they had pay problems they needed to go to AITC and Sgt Brown would have it squared away by the time they left, and I did. I feel that although every Marine is a rifleman, every MOS is there to support infantry. My Dad, Vietnam infantry Big Red 1, told me when I went in "There is nothing worse than an infantry soldier with pay problems, make sure that don't happen on your watch. I did notice that alot of the other Females on base started to "visiting" me and crap, always after we picked up a new class.

I would just put their behinds to work. Hell, all that jawjacking was making me have to work longer hours. I don't know what they did on their off time, but no offense guys, after dealing with you guys for 9 years, sexy was not the word that came to mine.: Why do ya'll spit soooooooo much! Exhausted people don't spit much. Or, maybe because no spitting on the deck in boot camphttp: SgtBrown I know what your talking about.

When I went to Corporal's Course here, some of the males in my class don't have females in their MOS and was one of the first times they interacted with a female Marine. They just look at you like they have never seen a female before in their life. I'm the only active duty female at my unit and the only female who lives in the barracks. All of the guys in the barracks know that I would never touch any of them with a 10 foot pole because they're my brothers.

And I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not into the whole incest thing lol. Not Man bashing or anything, Lord knows you guys are great stress relievers, but being around you guys all day, and night can be trying. The pull the finger games, standing guard duty so no guy comes near us, spitting yeah, I got an issue with spitting in the middle of a conversation, asking if you want to join in on a … anywho.

Nothing better on TV! When I asked if anyone bothered to pick a flower, they just looked around like I stabbed one of them. Fighting my way out of clubs was fun too.

I was usually the pointman. Nothing like heels to clear a path. This thread has run it's course. We know we are all Marines, you need to lighten up. Why do you need 84 to back you up? She's minding her own business, doing her thing. She is a free spririt, she'll let her voice be heard when she wants to. Smile, life is good when you are above ground and not at the wrong end of a gun. Looks like our Sisters are having fun getting some jabs in on us! D Hey, we have waited a long time to "think" we outnumber you guys.

D We love ya'll, man! Wing, check the stripes, she out ranks us both: My kind of Sister.: Anyhoo, we're on page 3 and I'll be dammed iffen I know what the start of this post was all about. Im only a Poolee but I've been wondering about dating WM's for the longest time but being a guy I know its something I wont know about until I experience it for myself. You don't even rate to post in here poolee, let alone date one of my sisters. Awwwww God I can't believe I just said that This coming from the incest King himself - LOL!

And sparkie, you know you love it when there's more women in the room than just me. Especially the ones like me that have a hidden set of nuts - LOL! I see you read my E Mail Ha Ha. Now for some civilian just browsing through this last page that could be seen as a little out of the ordinary Perfectly normal for a bunch of Marines though!

We don't hide no stinking nuts! Brooklyn accent Here Ha Ha Ha. Serious though, what were we talking about, I forget? Don't ask me I just work here pushing a broom! Achped you got all these Marines thinking of a things that has gone on in the Corps sence the first Women Marines joined the Corps. You started off before you joined the Corps in trouble by putting your Recruiters blues on and taking pictures of your self in them.

Then the pictures sent to your DIs in Boot Camp. So there is more than just WMs here and all. Some people in here dated and married MWs and had fun while in the Corps with no Problems. Ive been gone on this thread for a while but what ever happen to the Hooters Pic????? I don't think there ever was one.

Maybe it was her roomate's job before the Corps. All of the guys in the barracks know that I would never touch any of them with a 10 foot pole because they're my brothersIf thats the way it is then so be it but things may not be so linear. In fact i'm guessing a majority of your 'brothers' would rather not believe you don't desire them, i. Girls gotta keep and eagle eye on the caveboys as they approach from multi-dimensional awkward angles I'm the only active duty female at my unit and the only female who lives in the barracksSee, see how that sounds from the forest through the trees?

Oh how I miss the days of torturing the poor male Marines. What's that you wanna go hang out? Ok I will meet you at this place and then never showing up. Or having a friend sneak in to take pictures of some poor lonely fellow sitting there looking at the clock. I never did that to my husband during our barracks romance days though. I say don't mess with FMs, no matter what age, rank, race etc. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but it can easily create problems for you, no matter how "great" things may be going between you.

Besides, you're a Marine! There should be civi-girls lining up do get with you! You see that's the problem with Marines as a whole One female Marine breaks your heart or does something you don't agree with and you automatically assume we are all bad.

You give us an image before you know us. What happened to treating us like Marines and realizing that some of us are pretty good and don't fit the sterotypes you have in your heads. Not all Female Marine are Sluts We are all human and all have wants and needs We are Marines and that is how we should be treated I should be able to look at my male counterparts as big brothers and my fellow women marines as sisters It's a maturity thing and if you don't know yourself or aren't where you need to be emotionally, physically, financially, or mentally, you won't have a sucessful relationship regardless of who it's with, military or civialian.

We are just like every other female out there You don't marry the Corps you marry the love of your life. I have a saying that I believe everyone should think about. I know alot of female Marines considering I don't work with them, and none of them are anything like civilian girls. I have never seen a civilian girl dip, period. Very few civilian girls smoke Where I'm from at least and almost none use profanity except when they're mad or gossiping.

They don't talk about getting laid and don't brag about how many guys they got over the weekend. Almost every female Marine I've met does! Sure you don't want to be stereotyped, just like I don't want to stereotype, but if everyone I've met is like that And I literally mean every single one what am I supposed to think? I always meet "that other girl" that female Marines refer to that make the rest of them look bad?

I'm sure before the Corps they were "just like every other female out there", but the difference is noticable in the way they act when they're surrounded by the guys all the time. Oh God, like I don't have enough "Wow I was an idiot" moments to look back on already. By the way brother thanks for your service. When I get down on the youth of America today driving around in these little cars that sound like my weed wacker, my faith is restored when I look at the Marines of today and how they're fighting the GWOT.

I have known hundreds of female Marines and only one Dipped and she was from South Dakota None of my friends talk about who they Damn dude, where did you grow up, amish paradise?? Yet I know quite a few that do,,,,,Very few civilian girls smoke Where I'm from at least and almost none use profanity except when they're mad or gossipingReminds me of when i used to work with livestock..

Hell, during my sagebrush starvation days i would roll in on fumes at various NW stockyards and if it weren't for some of those female cowpunchers i'd of been sortin animals 13 hours without even a pinch of Copenhagen, or a shot of black coffee: Now that seems sensible.. I think that's a great idea! You know what it is? That's the reason for the hostility. And its been like 3 months! This justy proves to me that the Marine Corps still has alot of ignorance within it's ranks Maybe one day things will change.

Matt Your in a zone.. The rules apply to ninth deggree Do your job, take care of biz for your section and unit Try tieing a rope around a camel n riding it into a marked mind field.. You'll get a hell of alot more fun and games with lots of exitement and nobodys gonna give a Rats Arszzze if ya kill the camel or blow yourself into outer space I did it in PG-1 n got away with it!!!!

I would suggest starting with yourself and then working on the Marines around you. It took 2 minutes using your own words to highlight I would have said "exposed" but you didn't even try to hide it your own prejudice and stereotypes. I've know many many female Marines during my time in, both good and bad. If you had stuck to your first statement instead of the second rant With respect to the rank comment, what a passive-aggressive response I love my brother and am so proud of my brother because he put his life on the line for something he believed in.

When my brother told me he was going to cut off my long wavy hair, I almost peed in my pants. I still remember what he said to me on that day, "You are just way too girly to join the military. You don't have the mental or physical capability to be in the military. I think you should just be who you are. But you can always play hero. Just do the right thing. I know I can never be a female Marine even if I wanted to.

I don't know any female Marines, but I know a lot of male Marines.

FEMALE U.S Marine Day In The Life

One Marine dated a female veteran, but most male Marines go for the most feminine type. By no means, am I implying female Marines are not feminine. So I guess it all depends. Peace to all and Semper Fi! Originally Posted by Lucario. Where Dance Music comes first. I would not date a woman in the armed forces still. If she served her time and got out of the military I might see it differently, but I have a feeling that we'll have a lot of differences, so it probably wouldn't work out anyway.

I find Marines Beautiful, granted I am a Marine and totally appreciate a women with discipline, professionalism, self-sufficient, intelligent, physically fit, while possessing the ability to handle a weapon. Men, we should never be intimated by women-period. Let us be thrilled to accompany women of stature. I'm very pro military, so I can't say bad stuff about female or male marines I would have zero issue with the fact that she is a Marine. I just don't know how well I could deal with deployment. The point of no return, er, NorCal. I'd like to think I am attractive, and I strongly considered enlisting in the Marines.

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