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Is My Relationship Healthy? Your partner respects you and your individuality. You both feel safe being open and honest. Your partner supports you and your choices even when they disagree with you. Both of you have equal say and respected boundaries.

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Your partner understands that you need to study or hang out with friends or family. You can communicate your feelings without being afraid of negative consequences. Six The width of sapwood with respect to absolute radial distance cases are presented here, while an seventh case was described and numbers of rings varies between tree species and among in Balouet and Oudijk The aim of these investigations individual trees within a species.

Consequently, sapwood rings was to estimate the time frame of the releases. These cases are formed prior to the exposure of the ring to pollutant-containing presented here to illustrate the method, to show that each case sap may also be enriched with the marker chemical. Partic- has its individual characteristics, and to highlight considerations ularly in the case of ring-porous wood, this enrichment of for interpretation. The between 2 and One may not need evidence from more than marker would likely not be incorporated or evident in late- one tree.

In all cases, the water table was shallow, between 8 and wood formed prior to exposure. The authors successfully used 33 species for ring-width mea- r Radial retranslocation can occur at the HSB Andrews and surements and 11 for chemical evidence Table 2.

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Some sam- Siccama, Infection can cause elemental anomalies and ples, however, were discarded because the tree showed critically readily identified by a concomitant increase in K concen- limiting endogenous factors decayed rings, physical tilting or tration Smith and Shortle, Unless significant radial were too young to be considered in the investigation. In the case retranslocation can be documented at the HSB, the rings studies provided herein, the cores are presented with the pith at with the highest marker concentration represent the time the left and the bark at the right, and such an orientation of core of peak exposure.

Because of compensatory responses af- should be a standard when presenting data. Table 1 summarizes the cases. Because releases differ 6 Fuel station Mountain ash Multiple USTs in time, space, and composition, trees will record a wide range of responses. UST, underground storage tank. Applied Dendroecology and Environmental Forensics 9 Table 2.

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Tree species used in the forensic dendroecological investigations sycamore tree and oak stump were sampled within the plume. White spruce selected trees are presented in Figure 2. The heating oil migrated a significant distance and, based Fam. Silver maple on investigative boreholes, impacted the sycamore. Chalk maple phase petroleum was identified within the root zone of this tree. Red maple The very marked growth decline of the sycamore, starting in Fam. Peppertree the late s, is attributable to an age-growth trend, whereas Fam Betulaceae: Northern Catalpa the second major growth anomaly starting in the late s is Fam.

The lates anomaly was Quercus alba: Californian buckeye of the plume and the condition of the tank once it was removed. American Mountain Ash The site is impacted by a plume of chlorinated solvents, of Fraxinus papillosa: The water table is present at about 10 m below Fam. Plum tree ground surface bgs. Wood-core samples were collected from Prunus sp.: Lemon Chihuahua ash trees located about m downgradient of the Citrus aurantium: A control sample was also collected in the vicinity but Fam.

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Coastal plain willow outside of the plume area upgradient and lateral of the source Salix sp.: Willow from the same species. The results are presented in Figure 3 for ring-width data and Figure 4 for chemical data. The core sampled from exposed Case Study 1: There is Cl enrichment beginning in as In this case, conclusions were reached based on the ring- found in earlywood, while the latewood for that same year has width data without chemical microanalyses.

A catalpa tree had not been enriched. Based on this information and on the Cl peak been sampled at a location outside of the plume area, while a around point 30 mm, it could be deduced that the chlorinated Figure 2. Ring-width thickness versus time, case study 1. Ring-width versus time, case study 2. Note that the Case Study 3: Unknown Plumes in Case 2 ring shows a marked latewood anomaly corresponding to a high As part of investigation in the case study no. The ring shows a clear and has been sampled and analyzed.

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The ring-width data for that tree contrasted pattern of sap enrichment. The impact was followed are provided in Figure 5. In this case, the profiles shown in by ring-growth anomalies starting in A distinct and sepa- Figure 6 show parallel trends for P and S and independent Cl rate anomaly is present in —, based on peak near anomalies.

These trends reveal several asynchronous releases, mm, which may be attributed to a worsening of the situation with two distinct elemental signatures, Cl versus P and S, each contaminant release. This second event is followed by further rapidly followed by growth anomalies. A first Cl-only anomaly growth reduction starting in In this case, it may be possi- occurred in , and a second anomaly occurred in with ble to demonstrate two asynchronous events, as in a commingled P and S. A third Cl anomaly occurred in late to early plume or the worsening of a single plume.

The progressive linear , and two more Cl-only anomalies occurred in and Cl trend beginning from point HSB towards the cambium The joined P and S anomalies may be related to property or bark corresponds to sap circulation of Cl as a tracer and is an vegetation and the application of fertilizers, possibly in con- indication that the tree is still being impacted by the plume. Site-specific data are needed for a more accurate able historical records indicating the timing of the main contam- assessment of the contamination source and type in this par- ination events recorded inception time of plume and releases ticular case.

Figure 7 is the mids and several additional releases in the s. Cl concentrations versus distance over the wood-core sample for case study 2. A microdensitometric image 2-mm lath of the core is provided in the background with actual concentrations and a moving average. Ring-width thickness versus time for case study 3. If was the year of aries, checking on possible false rings, or to calibrate chemical impact, one would logically expect sap-enrichment mechanisms data. Leaking Underground Storage Tank, No.

Accordingly, is the Wood-core samples were collected from two maple trees at most probable year that the initial impact to the tree. In this case, the impact year was estimated, by a tree-growth decline visible on X-ray and ring-width profile. There is one growth This 4-year delay is according to the observations made during anomaly, although not a major one, for the exposed maple at ring other dendroecological investigations. In this case again, the delay be- Case Study 5. For insurance purposes, a dendroecological investigation was Starting in , parallel anomalies for S and Cl are present.

Concentration of Cl, S and P in counts across the wood-core sample for case study 3. Note the different profiles for S and Cl and the parallel profiles for P and S. Profiles of coherent and incoherent counts across the wood-core sample for case study 3, confirm intra-ring boundaries. Wood-core samples from a scotch pine located within 5 m of the continuous increase in S, until when other major chemical leaking tank were obtained.

Two control samples from nearby anomalies are observed, attributed to a worsening of the release. Soil remediation through excavation and disposal was this exposed tree, inter-ring and intra-ring annual patterns are conducted in early Accordingly, on-site contamination was clearly visible, which support excellent annual ring calibration no longer present. Because the site had already been mitigated, Figure S concentrations show a clear, almost linear increase alternative age-dating methods were no longer viable. A stump, from the very first year until The increase in S attributable to an ash, remained on-site, close to the former tank concentration is about threefold, starting at around counts locations.

Wood samples were obtained from the stump in to about 1, counts, with a very slow recovery rings — and the results are presented in Figures 13— The K and Ca anomalies around ring are attributed tree-ring data did not demonstrate any major growth anomalies to pollution stress. Figure 13 , chemical anomalies were found for S, Cl, V, and Pb In this case, sapwood only extends over five annual rings.

Ac- in rings corresponding to through Figures 10 and cordingly, the progressive and ongoing increase in S, more than These data reveal that the first release occurred in or 12 rings prior to , cannot be interpreted as sap enrichment sometime earlier.

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The lead profile is anomalous over the rings only. The interpretation is that plume onset has been slow and corresponding to the years through Figure The progressive, suggesting a low leakage rate. The onset of leakage source of this contamination is not fossil fuels, as the station was from the tank, because of its proximity to the tree, is very close in no longer in service and further supported by the normal S and time to the tree impact estimated around and followed by a Cl profiles over those years.

Ring-width thickness versus time for case study 4, with exposed maple above and control maple below. S concentrations in wood-core samples versus distance from pith for case study 4. Profile for S is below profile for Cl. Limitations in the Forensic Use of Dendroecology Based on the literature and on the experience of the authors related to several case studies, including those cases described here, the following main limitations should be taken into account whenever using or considering dendroecological methods as a forensic tool: It should be noted that, even when a tree is distant from the source, it can still be of use, especially if the contaminant plume migrated in the direction of the tree.

However, these methods will only provide an arrival Figure A detail of S and Cl concentrations in wood-core sample for date to the root system. A second calculation estimating the case study 4. Profile for S is above the profile for Cl. Ring-width thickness versus time for case study 5. Exposed trees are pine 1 and 2. Pines 3 and 4 are controls. Exposed trees are of the same age as controls, although the exposed trees have a slower growth rate.

Ca, K, and S in wood-core sample versus distance from the pith for case study no. Ring-width thickness versus time for case study 6. The mean ring width is shown for the stump in black and the Palmer Drought Severity Index in gray, by x-axis. Pb concentrations versus time across the wood-core sample for case study 6. S and Cl concentrations versus time for wood-core sample for case study no. S profile is above Cl profile. The method may not work well in the dating precision will be reduced, as peak maxima will be by tropics, such as Hawaii or Brazil, where seasonal change cambium, as the most sap enriched xylem.

In this case, the is more subtle and tree rings are less distinguishable; how- age-dating is based as a minimum age when plume was not ever, in some warm and semiarid areas of the world, trees impacting tree. Trees that are part of a re- r Other limitations include: These merous sources for the elemental markers found in the trees would maintain the record, through ring widths and core samples.

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Alternative sources include acid rain, surface chemistry, of a previous location. Trees that have ex- forensic investigation is conducted, potential, alternative perienced pruning may have experienced significant stress sources must be assessed, as well as the contamination his- that would be reflected in the ring-width data. What goes into a new to be hard to date taught by recognition book walks Click Here really have been found 1 ii m. Org aca code of attraction and should be excellent.

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