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We mostly just wanted to get the hell out of here after realizing there were so many fakes just floating around. This is the kind of site that just rubs us the wrong way. This is the kind of site that just ends up making us want to leave. Instead of wasting your time here, you should be checking out our number one site, XXXConnect. Give it a shot, and you can see for yourself how well it really works. In case you were wondering, Mate1.

I spent some time on here, and I regretted every moment of it. To be honest, I really feel like the site could be better if it just got shut down. The women are seriously disgusting. Can you guys help me? Wow, I honestly hope this site burns in hell for how terrible it is. Headquarters

I got so screwed over on this site, and it makes me so mad that I put up with it in the first place. You guys have no idea what a terrible time I had on here, and I want my money back. Everyone who thinks Mate1. I was on here for three whole months and I hated it. I ended those three months hating it as much as I did when I had first started.

Mate1 Review

You guys should steer clear of this site. The team behind Mate1, especially CEO Elizabeth Wasserman, is just as impressive, with a down-to-earth attitude and admirable dedication to continuously address the ever-growing wants and needs of singles everywhere. As long as you're older than 18, you can join this dating network. In total, Mate1 has over 31 million registered users, and it sees over 3. This is good news for straight single men who will find plenty of options on the global dating site. Mate1 offers monthly memberships. The prices are as follows:. Mate1 has been pioneering the dating space since its launch in The dating site's innovative team has created and implemented features that aren't just cool but helpful for desktop and mobile users.

There are a lot of pluses to Mate1 — the intuitive app, quick sign-up process, the uncomplicated layout, and the proactive customer service team. And the only downside we can see is you won't want to go back to dating the old-fashioned way!

Mate1 Review: See How It Ranks Against the Biggest Hookup Sites

Mate1 has made every step easy for all online daters, whether they're tech-savvy or not, to meet someone worth pursuing a relationship with. When it comes to getting started on Mate1 , you've got the best of both worlds: If you want to jump to the matching part, all you have to do is fill out the basics, including your age, location, and relationship status. If you want to take your time completely filling out your profile, you'll find plenty of places to express yourself, such as "What I'm Looking For," "Favorite Things," and "Least Favorite Things. Once you're happy with the answers in your profile, you can upload numerous photos and — one of the things Mate1 is most known for — record a voice message for your matches to listen to, which comes in handy if you're more of a talker than a writer.

All it takes to add a recording is a quick call to a toll-free recording service. Type in your code, say what you want to say, and the voice recording will be reviewed and added to your profile within 48 hours.

Mate1 Review

Members are not allowed to reveal their real names or contact information in these messages. I don't use the site, and I did not give them authorization! I am going to get my money back one way or another!!!

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I cancelled my membership but was still on this website. My wife was told by her friend that i was on this website, and she looked it up, and sure enough, my profile was still there. Caused a lot of problems.

Site Features We Couldn’t Stand

Thanks Mate for not doing your job!!! I made a complained few days ago and still encounter the same problem Further, please take note that few of my friends here in Malaysia facing the same problem too. Due to this matter, we are unable to reply all correspondences as the picture of all the profiles, play an important role in this system.

Thus, your immediate attention and action is highly appreciated. Due to several complaints to your good office but regret to note that still no image on all member profiles and my own profile as at to date. Please do the necessary because its really defeat the purpose. Happen 2 weeks ago and still not rectify by the company till todate.. I have used this website for the 1st time and ment a guy that goes bye bigguywithaheart he has been sending me vaulgar e-mails to my home e-mail address and i would like him band from this website if possible if he's harrassing it make's me wonder how many other woman he's harrassing.