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But not all of these innocents are as innocent as they appear. Which brings us to Tumblr user "whitechickslovesasiandicks," who likes to ask questions like these:. He's also not helping his cause by posting a video that was obviously filmed as part of a Human Resources seminar. And make no mistake, WCLAD has a cause, which is why he starts answering his own questions -- and being super obvious about it:. It seems his questions show up often enough on Yahoo Answers that people want to know how to stop him.

Have you ever been in a secret relationship?

At least we know now what he really gets off to: When in doubt, Christians have a handy saying that can guide them through difficult decisions: What Would Jesus Do? And while the real answer would be either "Give everything away to the poor" or "Freak out at the metal horse racing down the street," merely asking the question can give people the necessary perspective to figure things out.

But what do non-Christians do when faced with a tough question? They can't ask Christ for answers, after all. But thanks to Yahoo Answers, they can ask a Christian. Without getting into the Great Garfield Gender Debate , there's no reason to direct this kind of question to Christians as a whole.

They're treating different systems of belief like they're different alien entities. We get it, maybe it seems like Christianity is a bastion of inclusion. Jesus hung out with the lowest of the low in society, so it would only make sense that Christians could help this poor fella out with his social skills. However, not all of these seem to be pleas from the wretched. Look, we hate to stereotype, but if you're asking Christians about cars, you're most likely going to end up driving a hatchback with a fish sticker on the rear bumper.

Also, feel free to assume that they're too busy. On a related note, they're also not specially trained to advise you on whether or not to put a deposit down on a two-bedroom condo.

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While we hate to get political about the ridiculous realm that is Yahoo Answers, it seems that our fragile social climate has reached its shores. Every day, people flock to the website with their important questions about skin color. As we've written before , bathing in coffee is totally fine.

What makes this an issue is that way too many people are starting to believe that humans are in fact chameleons. Though we understand fully why people would get worried about becoming part of the much-maligned cult of orange people. The reality is that it's technically a thing that could happen, but mostly to children.

It's nothing to seriously worry about. Same for the people who are freaking the holy hell out over jewelry turning their skin green.

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It's nothing to panic over. All men on the internet have been offered a link that promises secrets to enlarge their fun-carrot. But eventually, those kinds of secrets require a credit card we've heard. To find free help for enhancing your body parts -- and we do mean all body parts -- once again Yahoo Answers comes to the rescue.

Most questions do revolve around the fun zones, but hint at a sad history in which the askers are clearly innocent folks who weren't taught what they need to know. Look, there are numerous critics of the way sex ed works in this country, and most of them tend to forget that sex ed isn't just about sex, but also about the numerous changes a person's body will go through in puberty.

So when the system fails our minors, they have no choice but to turn to the sages from Yahoo Answers for their Q's about enlarging their boobs or penis. But no body part is safe from these insecurities. It seems that many teens worry their bodies won't grow on their own, but need a helping hand. Kids are worrying about everything from teeth growth affecting their braces, to eyebrow growth , to bicep growth.

Let's hope Yahoo Answers is as ineffectual as it seems, because if these kids ever get their wish, there are going to be some fucked-up Cronenbergian humans milling around in a few years. Much like syphilis, conspiracy theories are fun to spread and hard to get rid of. It should come as no surprise that Yahoo, with its terrifyingly bad security , has gotten the conspiracy bug. And as Yahoo's crotch, Yahoo Answers seems to be taking the brunt of the infection.

That same reply was posted to multiple separate questions pertaining to leg pain , one about getting rejected by a woman , and another about cleaning a library. There's little rhyme or reason to it, but it seems that there's more than one person spreading similar stuff. They start with some wildly unnecessary explanation of how to make the Christian Sign of the Cross , decry a bunch of other religions , and then proceed to describe a whole bunch of Russian Orthodox gibberish that would make even Vladimir Putin roll his eyes.

That screencap is from one guy who has been at this shit for years. He started off with small paragraphs like the one up there, but over time, his madness has grown.

He keeps going -- and we keep saying "he" because it's impossible to imagine this guy looking like anything other than Alex Jones with a fedora. And over time , he's even added sources and tacked them onto the bottom of his "answers.

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Yahoo Answers might have had its place in the world, but at this point, all it seems to be good for is harboring the internet's "chaotic neutral" population. So thanks for running the asylum, Yahoo Answers. Isaac never wants to have to take a screengrab again. He's also on Twitter and Instagram. Behind every awful movie is the idea for a good one. Old man Indiana Jones discovers aliens: Good in theory, bad in practice. First and foremost, it's important to determine whether your boss really has a crush on you. Here are 17 red flags:. Most people will give their managers the benefit of the doubt at first, but sometimes there's an inner voice telling you that something between you two feels awkward, says Lynn Taylor, a national-workplace expert and leadership coach and the author of " Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant.

They're your subconscious on steroids. It's putting hundreds of facts together, with the ultimate result being an emotion or physical feeling — in this case, of discomfort or irritation.


If you're unhappy or angry about the situation, you're right. And even if your boss flirts with you from time to time, again, consider how they are with other colleagues — they may be a naturally flirtatious person who really means no harm. And also consider your own actions. Are they flirting with you simply because you've been a little flirtatious with them? Be very cautious when interpreting someone else's intentions behind their actions. And if you determine that you're the only one they flirt with, and it's not a result of your behavior toward them, then this is a strong sign they're crushing on you.

If you're occasionally asked to stay beyond normal business hours and have a legitimate joint project to work on, that's one thing, says Taylor. Keep in mind that if you're uncomfortable with these actions and you continue to comply with these requests, things will get worse.

Most managers have a heavy workload, so when they take the time just to call you randomly without a real reason to talk, then it can be a sign that they are thinking about you a bit more than they should be, says Kerr. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds play a boss and an employee who fall for one another in "The Proposal. Check their body language and eye contact. If you catch them stealing glances at you often or sustaining eye contact longer than is comfortable for you, then this could be a sign, Kerr says. Yes, it could be simply because they respect you and trust your abilities, but if it crosses over into clear favoritism — for example, they offer you opportunities that you know in your heart you don't deserve — then it might be a sign then they like you a little too much, Kerr says.

Well, unfortunately, favoritism in the workplace may not only lead to a disgruntled staff — it can result in a hostile work environment claim by other employees, and may lead to a court case. Does your boss share work and personal confidences with you that you know they wouldn't share with anyone else in your office? A boss who has a romantic agenda may intrigue you with a seemingly exaggerated view of your great future at the company, Taylor warns.

It might just be a simple coffee after work, but if this happens in addition to other signs, then this could be a red flag, says Kerr. New outfits, new haircuts, and more attention to detail might be because they're hoping to catch someone's eye at work, Kerr says. And it might be yours. Again, this could just be that they value and trust you as an employee — but if they ask you for input on personal issues, such as clothing choices, or even dating issues, then this might be a sign.

If compliments are coming your way nonstop but they have nothing to do with work or start to sound inappropriate, then your boss may have more than a friendly affinity for you, Taylor says: So watch for this sign. Compliments about your appearance, fashion sense, or amazing personality are especially strong indicators, adds Kerr: If these types of comments make you feel uncomfortable, speak to your HR department immediately. If everyone in the company receives a motivational mug on Valentine's Day that says, "We love our employees" embedded in a big read heart, that's wonderful.

But it is not so endearing if your flirtatious boss secretly places Sweethearts candies on your desk, says Taylor. Overly effusive laughter can sometimes be a great "crush barometer," Kerr says. If your boss seems to remember everything you tell them — when they're normally more forgetful — this could be a sign they are paying especially close attention to you.