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I dont like to police whats posted on the board I didnt read it but I got the jist of it from LuVn. Your DV thing Just like our fabolouso fresh'ning tips, monistat growth method, recipes and the like. I'm ready for Thursday I can't wait to eat like a fat bish at Golden Coral.

Now here Sandra has given us new emotes Ungrateful boy I'll tell ya.

Hip-Hop Rumors: Frank Ocean To Marry Young Thug And Other Illseed Quickies!

Hiding chit from Diva. You can relate huh Choco?! I like ole girl's jacket, the shoes umm not so much. Stranger No I can't but Im laughing becuz when I see that commercial and the food. But we have dark skin and we are putting sunscreen on it. I dont drink milk and I dont do nature so I load up on salmon, tuna fish in the can hood doe , boiled eggs the yolk has the D and sardines.

DJM bout them sardines eitha! Truth be told I still feel some kinda way about Florida State from when they came in Speaking of, Maryland is joining the Big Ten, leaving the Atlantic Coast Conference in a shocker of a move in the world of conference realignment that was driven by the school's budget woes.

The announcement came Monday at a news conference with school President Wallace D. My Gators got Florida State this weekend. Groupie Tale that last sentence has. He came in solo and we made eye contact. I am the shy type. He gave me a nod and smiled and ten minutes later offered me a glass of wine.

We talked about life, politics, and music. He ignored every girl that walked into the bistro and kept his eyes on me. After an hour of conversation we left out and he asked me if I wanted to go down the street to hear some music at the Caverns. I politely accepted and then pinched myself to make sure it was not a dream. We had a great time and then he asked if he could drive me to my car. We hopped into his Corvette and he kissed me on my neck, then my chest, then my breast. His hand was in between my legs rubbing my clit.

I whispered stop and he asked me if I wanted to go to his house to chill. I knew once we got to his house we would not chill but making love. I only knew this guy for a few hours and I loved him. He made me feel sexy something I have never felt in my life. He drove to his house and he rubbed on my clit the whole time. I orgasm in his car twice before we got to his house. We pulled up to his house and went inside.

He asked me to follow him upstairs to his kitchen and poured me another drink. He gently took my hand and took my up another flight upstairs to the bathroom and told me to get undressed. We showered together and he rubbed me down with peppermint soap from behind. He started kissing the nape of my back and bent me over and started to perform oral sex from behind. My knees gave out on me and I almost fell down but he grabbed me. We kept going at it for awhile in the shower until he turned the water off, and led me into his bedroom.

He turned on some music, laid the towel down and dried me off and put lotion all over my body. I wanted to return the favor so I grabbed his penis and started sucking it. His penis is big and good. He let me know he was enjoying it and turned me around and we were in the 69 position. I was going crazy because I have never felt anything so good.

He has big lips and they were massaging my vagina. He can give oral sex well. He turned me over pulled out a magnum condom and made love to me from behind. I could barely take it but he kept talking to me asking me was it good and to relax. We made love three times that night.

The next morning he drove me back to my car. We talked a few times after that but nothing came out of it. I cant stand yall. Their ole crazy azz coach Gary Wms. Dude would throw a chair and get ejected for no fuggin reason. I am watching the replay OHHH No she didn't! Post this long thang! Bish getcho life and go sitcho thirsty ass down somewhere. Strangers, I was thinking the same thing So I guess she thinks he's just going to so happen read this.. Boot, overdramatic voice in a not-so-far land in a city near you Dummies are giving up the nappy dugout for a meal and glass of whatever I guess!

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If he aint called by now Shat, if he ate your cootie cat within the first couple of hours, he is NOT going to remember who the fluck you are randombish. Rage bawled my fists up and adrenaline lunged my steps into action. My eyes were fixed at the end of the hall and I was coming. My steps were so hard and deliberate that I though the taps on my Louboutins were going to fly off. These skanks never get enough but these two gone learn by example today. Everyone knows he has a girl and yet these bitches are here bouncing their titis all in his face?

I moved around a few people standing and some in conversation. I shifted my handbag to my shoulders and clinched my fists even tighter. I was about ten steps from being on their asses when I felt my arm jerk backwards. I was spun around and came face to face with Prissy. Calm down and get a hold of yourself there are cameras and reporters here. Just like them we have to take hits, unfair calls and bad plays but the objective is to win the game then the championship. You want the ring right? Let this one go. Smile and walk up on him like you belong at his side. If you feel you need to blow off some steam, take your anger out on his pockets.

Prissy held my gaze until she saw that I was calm enough to release my arm. The hallway was filling up now with reporters and players.

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When she saw her husband she smiled. I took a deep breath and turned towards Jasper. I walked over and he smiled when he saw me. He put his arms around me and kissed me in front of the two heifers that had their breasts out for him moments ago. Their smiles turned to smirks and my straight face stayed put. Just then a reporter moved in with her cameraman pushing the blondes to the side and into the dim shade of the spotlight that my man and I now shared.

I tightened my grip around his waist and sharpened my eyes into the glare of the light. I wanted everybody to have a good long look at him, me, at us. This is what it is. No words were needed my nonverbal disposition said it all. My husband says my smile is one of the things he loves most about me so I make sure that he sees it often. I walked up to him and kissed him on his juicy full lips. I snaked my arm around his as we walked away from the chaos of reporters, players and drama down the hall.

Frank Ocean Shows Off His Alleged New Boyfriend! [Photos] | Rucuss

I loved watching him in the highlight clips and interviews on television. My baby was handsome and I loved knowing that the world was able to see it. His baby soft hair was full of dark curls that came into beautiful contrast with his rich dark skin. His thick silky eyebrows rested on top of his deep set brown eyes and his silky lashes completed the irresistible look. He towered over me at six feet, two inches of lean rock hard goodness and always smelled like the good life.

My husband was not only rich, famous and successful he was damn fine. He bent down to scoop him up and throw him into the air before he kissed and hugged him. She was dressed in a nice Kate Spade goddess dress and sandals an obvious testament of a thick child support check.

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  • Did Frank Ocean Attend The Mayweather Fight With His Rumored Boyfriend?.
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She walked up and said to Brett. I stood there quiet in the midst of the family moment but my eyes stayed on my husband and B.

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Brett and I have tried getting pregnant for the past few years but no cigar. The way he is with B. I just wish that he could give some of that love to a child that he and I have made. A few months ago when Brett and I were having problems which I still feel stems from us not being able to have a child almost brought us to the brink of separation.

He says that me not being able to conceive has nothing to do with it but I know better. He always says that the only thing missing in our home is a child. I looked over at Chante; she was looking at my wedding ring. Our eyes met and like always there was an unspoken and unsettled fury in hers. She smiled and asked Brett.

I looked back at Brett who was holding a son that was obviously so in love with his father. I felt my heart sank. It was one of the sweetest sights anyone could witness. Brett lifted him B. We took no more than six steps when B. He squirmed and Brett placed him onto the floor. He ran straight to her stomach and framed it with his tiny hands. There was a small baby bump that stuck out beneath her dress.

My eyes, heart my whole body froze at the sight. Chante laughed, her stomach giggling as her son kissed it. My eyes were glued to her stomach. She turned on her heels and walked away.

Does Frank Ocean know his boyfriend has a girlfriend?

She looked to be about four months pregnant, which is exactly how long ago it was that my marriage was about to end. She done sucked his dack No hoe you gave up ALL your pussay and played yourself thanking he gonna call you agane. He also made headlines when he revealed that his first love was a man, a rare openness in the often macho world of hip-hop that brought statements of support from stars including Jay Z. Ocean has declined to put labels on his sexual orientation. In a perhaps deliberate statement of fluidity, the new album is called "Blonde" yet the cover art uses the more masculine "Blond" -- along with a picture of Ocean in dyed hair that verges on green.

Yet Ocean is more forthright on sexuality on "Blonde. Ocean also contributed a poem, "Boyfriend," in a magazine entitled "Boys Don't Cry" that he launched to accompany the album. In the poem, Ocean touches a recent milestone for the gay community -- the right to marry across the United States -- and how he has instead been consumed by the minutiae of a day-to-day relationship. Ocean released the magazine as well as a physical edition of "Blonde" with slight differences in the tracklist at pop-up stores in four cities -- Chicago, London, Los Angeles and New York.

Ocean otherwise put out "Blonde" exclusively through Apple -- a publicity win for the tech behemoth which has been moving aggressively into streaming and earlier reached a deal with Drake, the rapper behind the top-selling album released so far in Jay Z's Tidal service has put a priority on exclusives as it and Apple Music seek a slice of the fast-growing streaming market dominated by Spotify. Tidal in recent months had reached at least temporary exclusive deals with top names in music including Beyonce, Rihanna and West. Frank Ocean breaks silence to stay enigmatic By Afp Published: Share or comment on this article: