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First this is a very well produced film. That actors are good as the plot and the plot is very good. Very neice glimpse into modern French youth, as in twenty somethings, culture mixed with a death cult of sorts. One person found this helpful. The ideal viewer of this film should go in without having any knowledge of what it is about. An ordinary day at the pool, because of a lost cellphone, becomes an extraordinary tale of mystery. Beyond excellent performances and a literate script, there is an air of seduction and melancholy that becomes increasingly addictive in a way that makes the main character's choices convincing even when wrongheaded.

The closest movie that comes to mind is "Blue Velvet", for which there a lot of parallels in this film. But there are enough differences as well that even having this clue should not spoil the film. Take the chance; enter "Black Hole" and make the trip to "Heaven". The lead actress not as lovely as in Girl from Montecarlo. It features a bunch of young and very beautiful folks, some of whom are computer geeks. It features some exceptionally well-done computer-rendered sequences approximately a quarter of the movie takes place in a Second Life-style world known as Black Hole. All of these are things I treasure in movies.

On a whim, they decide to follow the two, and stumble onto what seems to be a suicide pact. Dragon is already dead, but Gaspard breaks into the car that's filling with carbon monoxide and pulls Audrey out, saving her life. This leads to him discovering what would seem to be her obsession with Black Hole, the alternate world where she met Dragon. All of which is quite wonderful, save one major problem: I never bought it. Not for one second was I convinced that Gaspard, who starts the movie so blissfully happy with Marion and let's face it, Pauline Etienne is one of the most delicious dishes to come down the pike since Lillian Gish--and she's got that same wide-eyed innocence about her, too , is suddenly going to find himself drawn to trashy, low-rent Audrey.

I can certainly see where he might find himself attracted to both, but the script, co-written by Marchand and his on-again off-again partner Dominik Moll, doesn't give us that option--Gaspard goes from completely happy with Marion to completely obsessed with Audrey as if someone flipped a switch in his head, and we see nothing in his character, at any time in the movie, that would make us understand this transformation. During the first half of the movie, Gaspard is a stand-up guy, almost unbelievable in his angelicness.

He's the perfect boyfriend, he's great with kids, even Marion's dad likes him though like all dads, doesn't trust Gaspard as far as he can throw him.

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He lets off a little steam with Yann and Ludo now and again, but that doesn't change the fact that Saint Peter would call "welcome, brother! And then, suddenly, BAM.

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And the only motivation we're given is "here's another girl for you to chase after. If you can get past, or simply never think about, character motivation, there's a lot here to like. It's a slick, stylish, otherwise well-plotted thriller that teases you without ever quite delivering. Kind of like having sex in an alternate world.

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And I have to give Marchand props for the final shot, which is set up perfectly throughout the second half of the movie. I tend to be picky about directing, editing, cinematography, script, acting, etc. The movie starts off from the pool, where Gaspard and Marion stumble upon a cellphone and decided to keep it and from there on, this thriller sets off its pace. Let's just say this film is a little off kilter but nevertheless will hooked you.

It has hints like a David Lynch-kind of atmosphere. Black Heaven is very polarizing, you will either love it or hate it.

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The entire minutes is fluff. It is sad because you could forgive a movie for being bad if it begins with no potential or has no promise to be smart or intriguing but this movie gets no sympathy because it should have easily been a much better written and paced mmovie. The direction and pacing is so labored that you can see in some parts how the makers of this film had no idea how to finish a scene and start a next scene.

So the kids find the phone, and for three scenes they don't really decide to return the phone and then when they do try to return the phone they decide not to return to phone but to see where the owner is going and when they get there the boy decides lets forget about the phone and just make out because he tells his girlfriend he loves her. See what I mean, nothing is coherently paced in this film and it doesn't even try. The pacing was more like a 30 year long soap opera series than a minute thriller drama.

Scenes that have nothing to do with anything take up 5 or more minutes like when the girl's father is lecturing the boy about sleepovers. That has nothing to do with the movie yet the scene dragged on. I did not like this movie at all. Production is lame and the borrowed cyberworld thriller content is better delivered in the Tron movies.

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Its population of 3. For a century and a following the Norman conquest of England in , Normandy and England were linked by Norman. Archaeological finds, such as paintings, prove that humans were present in the region in prehistoric times. Celts invaded Normandy in successive waves from the 4th to the 3rd century BC, when Julius Caesar invaded Gaul, there were nine different Celtic tribes living in Normandy. The Romanisation of Normandy was achieved by the methods, Roman roads. Classicists have knowledge of many Gallo-Roman villas in Normandy, in the late 3rd century, barbarian raids devastated Normandy.

Coastal settlements were raided by Saxon pirates, Christianity also began to enter the area during this period. In , Germanic tribes began invading from the east, while the Saxons subjugated the Norman coast, the Roman Emperor withdrew from most of Normandy. As early as , the area between the River Somme and the River Loire came under the control of the Frankish lord Clovis, the Vikings started to raid the Seine Valley during the middle of the 9th century.

In exchange for his homage and fealty, Rollo legally gained the territory which he, the name Normandy reflects Rollos Viking origins. The descendants of Rollo and his followers adopted the local Gallo-Romance language and they became the Normans — a Norman-speaking mixture of Saxons and indigenous Franks and Celts.

Besides the Norman conquest of England and the subsequent conquests of Wales and Ireland, Norman families, such as that of Tancred of Hauteville, Rainulf Drengot and Guimond de Moulins played important parts in the Norman conquest of southern Italy and Crusades. The companys annual budget is in the order of million euros, with this money, the company runs the two houses and supports a large permanent staff, which includes the orchestra of , a chorus of and the corps de ballet of The poet Pierre Perrin began thinking and writing about the possibility of French opera in and he believed that the prevailing opinion of the time that the French language was fundamentally unmusical was completely incorrect.

Seventeenth-century France offered Perrin essentially two types of organization for realizing his vision, an academy or a public theater. No one was to have the right of free entry including members of the royal court, although it was to be a public theatre, it retained its status as royal academy in which the authority of the king as the primary stakeholder was decisive.


The monopoly, originally intended to protect the enterprise from competition during its phase, was renewed for subsequent recipients of the privilege up to the early French Revolution. As Victoria Johnson points out, the Opera was an organization by nature so luxurious and expensive in its productions that its survival depended on financial protection. His first opera Pomone with music by Robert Cambert opened on 3 March , a second work, Les peines et les plaisirs de lamour, with a libretto by Gabriel Gilbert and music by Cambert, was performed in Because of legal difficulties Lully could not use the Salle de la Bouteille, during Lullys tenure, the only works performed were his own.

This had the advantage of subsidizing the cost of rehearsals, as well as most of the machinery, sets, and costumes.

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French people — The French are an ethnic group and nation who are identified with the country of France. This connection may be legal, historical, or cultural, modern French society can be considered a melting pot. To be French, according to the first article of the French Constitution, is to be a citizen of France, regardless of origin, race. The debate concerning the integration of this view with the underlying the European Community remains open.

A large number of foreigners have traditionally been permitted to live in France, indeed, the country has long valued its openness, tolerance and the quality of services available. Application for French citizenship is often interpreted as a renunciation of previous state allegiance unless a dual citizenship agreement exists between the two countries, the European treaties have formally permitted movement and European citizens enjoy formal rights to employment in the state sector.

Seeing itself as a nation with universal values, France has always valued. However, the success of such assimilation has recently called into question. There is increasing dissatisfaction with, and within, growing ethno-cultural enclaves, the French riots in some troubled and impoverished suburbs were an example of such tensions.

However they should not be interpreted as ethnic conflicts but as social conflicts born out of socioeconomic problems endangering proper integration, the name France etymologically derives from the word Francia, the territory of the Franks. The Franks were a Germanic tribe that overran Roman Gaul at the end of the Roman Empire, in the pre-Roman era, all of Gaul was inhabited by a variety of peoples who were known collectively as the Gaulish tribes.

Over the next five centuries the two cultures intermingled, creating a hybridized Gallo-Roman culture, the Gaulish vernacular language disappeared step by step to be replaced everywhere by Vulgar Latin, which would later develop under Frankish influence into the French language in the North of France. With the decline of the Roman Empire in Western Europe, a federation of Germanic peoples entered the picture, the Franks were Germanic pagans who began to settle in northern Gaul as laeti, already during the Roman era. They continued to filter across the Rhine River from present-day Netherlands, at the beginning, they served in the Roman army and reached high commands.

Their language is spoken as a kind of Dutch in northern France. Another Germanic people immigrated massively to Alsace, the Alamans, which explains the Alemannic German spoken there and they were competitors of the Franks, thats why it became at the Renaissance time the word for German in French, Allemand. By the early 6th century the Franks, led by the Merovingian king Clovis I and his sons, had consolidated their hold on much of modern-day France, the Vikings eventually intermarried with the local people, converting to Christianity in the process.

It was one of the 20 films selected for the competition at the Cannes Film Festival. He is at work with Alice, but when Julie asks him he lies, Julie responds that he pisses her off. Julie tells Jeanne and later her mother about Alice and the threesome and they go to a concert where Alice befriends a guy named Gwendal. When he returns from it he is followed then met by Erwann who asks him if he can go home with him. She catches the attention of a lot of people, especially Otto and Nemours, in Italian class, a record of Maria Callas singing Lucia plays, which causes Junie to rush out crying, leaving her affairs behind.

Nemours sees a photo of her taken by student and swipes it. After this, Nemours pursues her even though she has mixed feelings about it and he is so enamored by her that he breaks off his relationships with Florence Perrin, a teacher, and Marie, a student. Nemours switches seats with Mathias during a field trip, Marie sees a letter left on the seat and it spreads throughout the student body. This letter is a letter that all of the students think was written by Nemours. Junie, upon reading the letter, becomes upset, believing that Nemours is in love with somebody else.

Mathias goes to Nemours and explains that it was his letter from another boy named Martin, one of Ottos friends from the Russian language class is asked to spy on her after Junie acts cold to Otto and sees Nemours acting tender to Junie. He mistakes it for kissing and Otto confronts Junie about the misunderstanding and she denies it and goes home. Otto kills himself the day by jumping from a very high floor at school.

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  • After Ottos suicide, Junie skips school for three weeks coming only after Nemours tells Mathias that he will be taking leave until the end of the semester. Nemours follows Junie around and she decides to approach him and he asks for some time to talk to her and they are seen running around the city like children. He takes her back to his room where she starts talking about love and he takes her home where they set a date for 5pm the day after next.

    Nemours waits till seven, then calls Mathias, Mathias comes down and tells Nemours that Junie left yesterday, and he is not allowed to say where and to forget about her. She also said she never wanted to see him again, Junie is seen on a ship departing for somewhere else.

    The plot follows a mother, who escaping occupied Paris with her two young children during World War II, finds shelter with an itinerant teenager at an abandoned rural house. The film is an adaptation of Gilles Perraults novel The Boy With Grey Eyes, like many others, they are heading south in a long line of refugees escaping Paris by whatever means of transport possible. After fifty kilometers, a German planes bomb the road filled with civilians. Odiles car is destroyed and in the chaos, she runs from the fields into the nearby woods.

    They are helped by a shaven-headed wiry teenager, Yvan, who recommends that they continue off-road, resourceful and fiercely independent, Yvan, who is seventeen, can hunt and knows his way around the forest, so he can be of big help to Odile and her children.