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Also, why is Derek the Alpha if he never acts like it?

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And why are we on a porn set I'm not asking Not sure why exactly, but I went for a re-read. And why are we on a porn set I'm not asking for a hyper realistic approach, but Derek bottoming for the first time on set?! And Stiles - pornstar extraordinaire- still doubts his own attractiveness? The sex is pretty standard, too although that seems to be my standard complaint of late. And lastly, the many "i hate yous" and "you are evil" bugged me. That's not how I want guys in their twenties to act. May 26, Vivian rated it liked it Shelves: Ended stronger than it began.

The start is a bit of a dawdle and I was getting bored, but it picked up and the angst meter got spun up and the sex was quite lovely.

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Hot, sweet and ends with a bang. Nov 21, Susan rated it liked it Shelves: I get some miscommunications, but this was really ridiculous. So If you can handle unnecessary angst, this is the book for you. Because other than that it was really good. If the issues were solved earlier on I would have given it 4 or 5 stars. Oct 27, Jenna rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was an incredibly entertaining read.

The writing style reminded me of It's Like This , which I of course love. It had great sexual tension, witty dialogue, smokin' hot sex, just the right amount of angst, and some very sweet moments. I need to read more by this author! Jun 16, Leanne rated it liked it Shelves: View all 3 comments.

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Jun 20, Menna rated it really liked it Shelves: Ok the blurb did NOT do this book it's justice I liked Derek's character a lot here And stiles was so provoking and assholish but all of that was also to just protect himself from getting hurt! The author's writing style is freakin' amazing, it's like she knows them very well She just has an amazing writing style! All in all,i loved and enjoyed it a lot! May 29, Eli Easton rated it liked it. There was much to enjoy in this Sterek fan fic.

I don't particularly have a thing for porn stars, and wasn't sure about that aspect of the story, but the writer fortunately kept it fairly intimate that is, only scenes between characters we know well. I enjoyed the rivalry that Derek felt with Stiles because of how good Stiles was in front of the camera. The build up of their relationship was fun.

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The writing was good. The book was considerably longer than it needed to be, and I'm REALLY not a fan of the angst point or 'big misunderstanding' being view spoiler [I-really-like-you-but-you-don't-like-me-so-I-have-to-distance-myself-so-I-don't-get-hurt, especially not on both sides, especially not dragged out for over a hundred pages with much internal dialogue whining about it. Still, the writing is fun and it's an entertaining read if you like Sterek. Also, it's FREE and novel length, so kudos to the author for supplying us with some juicy, well-written fan fiction.

Nov 03, Rebecka rated it liked it Shelves: I lost count of how many times this made me laugh. I'm kind of laughing at myself for reading fanfic based on a series I've never watched a single minute of, but I just And it turned out to be very well written. Again, here's one of those free things written by mysterious, anonymous authors that turn out to be far superior to so, so, so many published MM authors.

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I would have given this four stars if it weren't for the length. Alternatively, there could have been a more complex plot. I like the writing, the language, but it was just too long in the end. I'm happy it's "less talk"-"more show" fluff, but still Nov 20, Karen Wellsbury rated it really liked it.

FANFICTION WEEK – REVIEW: “Dating Backwards” & “Starts with ‘F’, Ends with ‘U'” by RemainNameless

This started slow, and then picked up pace and then it was full on Sterek love. Yes, its pretty unbelievable that everyone has turned to a life of porn, but you do generally suspend belief at times in some of this fic. Once you get your head around that its really enjoyable. Stiles is dorky and hot, Derek is surly and hot. Together they are super hot. It married up the 'fall in love while making porn' theme nicely with the 'enemies. For those who know - it made me want to go shopping in gap, in my lunch break. Jan 14, Vallie rated it really liked it Shelves: In this one, Derek and Stiles are porn stars yum!

It then turns into a you're-annoying-me-like-crazy thing, which turns into I-think-I-have-feelings-for-you thing. Gloriously, it evolves into a I'm-pining-so-hard-and-my-heart-is-broken thing. Emotions galore, meddling family members, scorching hot yet crazy emotional sex scenes, and a few too many miscommunications Another winner for my STEREK shelf which is growing at an alarming speed: Emotions galore, meddling family members, scorching hot yet crazy emotional sex scenes, and a few too many miscommunications afterwards, we have an amazing HEA and all is right in the Sterek universe.

Oct 05, Arpi!!! Okay, so this had everything I love and I loved it Although I wanted to smash their heads together they were behaving so damned stupid and obtuse Dec 03, Edina Rose rated it liked it Shelves: It's funny and crazy in a way only fanfic knows how to be. I didn't understand why Derek as an alpha was such a doormat the book went a bit too far to show how much love paralysed poor Derek.

There is a very hot, slow sex scene. Nov 25, Dre rated it really liked it Shelves: I love pornstar and enemies to lovers stories, but this one dragged on little too long. I kept thinking, "Just admit your feelings and have sex already. Let's get this thing moving. Aug 27, Brooke rated it really liked it Shelves: Feb 10, Erica rated it liked it.

Dating Backwards

Reviewers complain, sometimes, about the "big misunderstanding" trope, but it usually doesn't bother me all that much. Maybe because usually it's not this bad. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! You can join by getting an invitation from our automated invite queue. All fans and fanworks are welcome!

Tue 15 Jan Here at the OTW we have lots of exciting plans in store, but we also want to hear your ideas about the day. Wed 09 Jan It was a revelation. It was so wrong, but jesus, so HOT. I agree with you that the story faltered after the very strong opening. The first third is compelling, uncomfortable and unputdownable or it would be if that was a word!

I wanted that moment, darn it. I was so disappointed in that part as well. But, god, those first chapters I can definitely see myself revisiting.

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I think I read a few pages of that one, but then got sidetracked. I should give it another go.

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