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This vehicle is quite slow and quite poorly armored, but it has an excellent armament, which allows it to defeat enemies of a higher tier.

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The skills that you have obtained, while driving the VK The development of the VK Your first step should be to mount the 7. The next step should be improving the suspension and mounting a new turret. On a vehicle thus prepared, you can now mount new armament: Regardless of the option that you choose, you should unlock, and mount the 7.

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Now you can finish your development of the engines, the radio that is missing, and the remaining elements of the equipment, as well as new vehicles. Then, brothers in arms for the entire crew. The hull of the VK The 50mm of steel is capable of stopping only some of the shells fired from lower tier vehicles. The three prototypes instead had a concrete cube installed instead of the turret to simulate the turret weight. Between October and January , Henschel also recieved the 8 turrets from Krupp, that were to be mounted on the 0-series vehicles.

The first 0-series hull was delivered on 8. This first 0-series VKH was by no means finished however some components were missing and it was sent back to Henschel.

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The last hull was delivered on Maybach also built 18 engines in total for the VK between and These tanks were sent to training units and were used for crew training. Krupp replied that in order to do that, either the gun would have to be modified, or the turret would have to be bigger. In January , the re-arm project was scrapped. Additional turrets, that were already manufactured before the 0-series VKH project was reduced, were actually used for fixed emplacements in France Atlantic Wall.

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The remaining machines were used for crew training and testing various equipment until the end of the war, when they were scrapped. VKH in World of Tanks. Now, you are probably already seeing already how unhistorical the VKH is in the game. The problem also is the reliability of facts. Rarely have I encountered so many contradictory messages, so I will rely on Jentz and Doyle in addition to Spielberger. Its armor and speed were made to fit this role, as you will see further.

Currently, the VKH in an effort to make it into an agile medium tank, something it was never designed to do is underarmored. In real life, it had 50mm armor all around with the exception of certain frontal and rear armor heavily sloped parts, which were only 35mm thick. All the current VKH ingame engines are not historical. Some might be kept, but most will be dropped. A bit of an info from WG: As you can see, the choice is quite broad. What you will get is much slower vehicle, more compact than other tier 5 heavies, but packing some punch.

With a buffed engine, I believe it might be the most mobile of the tier 5 heavies, but also the most fragile one, with 50mm hull armor unless they buff it unhistorically. So the tier 5 german heavy will be less armored than the german tier 5 mediums? True, but even the turret armor will be only average compared to the other Tier 5 HTs.. I was sceptical yesterday as the news was announced, now im just curious how this should work as a heavy tank.

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But thank u for your effort, very nice article. Thanks for the interesting and informative article. It seems they use historical accuracy only when it suits their needs. One prototype of a KV-1S with a mm gun? And dont tell me the Jagdpanther II fills a gap of any kind in the tech tree.

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And I am still wondering what the new german TD branch will actually bring, especially in terms of higher tiers. Me and SS already talked about it previously. That is one SPG hardly mobile enough to count that will never appear as a player controlled tank….

If you want the cosmetics, IIRC modders supplied that a long time ago. It will most likely not appear in the game. So how is this going to be balanced as a tier V heavy tank Daigensui? And another thing, if its upgraded turret is going to be the VK Pz IV has both the 7. And the VK is stuck with the L43 gun with only a chance for the L48? Still I consider the advantage in frontal armor outweighs that since tier 4 guns at least bounce at your frontal armor.

I wonder how the Neubaufahrzeug would fit into all of this. I do remember WG confirming at some point that it will be added.

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Can we get some data on the VK H? When compared to the VK However, one thing to keep in mind is the flat frontal armor will require proper angling to avoid being penetrated.

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Novice World of Tanks players will find the Tiger an easy tank to use. However, a veteran will be able to take the Tiger to the next level and turn it into one of the best tanks to earn credits in World of Tanks thanks to the relatively low resupply costs. In contrast to other Heavy tanks at Tier 6, the Tiger has a low profile, making it a difficult target for the enemy to hit.